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Future Kitchen Trends

Silverline at Living Kitchen

27/01/2017 – Silverline introduced its product range that has won international awards for its design and technology to professionals and users from across the world at its stand set up on an area of 275 m2 atLiving Kitchen, the fair held in the German city of Cologne which is closely followed by the sector, attended by global brands, and gains much attention from large numbers of visitors every year. The world-famous chef Fabrizio Sangiorgi offered visitors a feast of taste with Silverline products in the show kitchen set up at the stand which gained great interest.

Slide-Down, which has received awards from all international prize organizations, was again the focus of attention
Silverline Built-in, which works on the integrating of design into modern life, focuses on simple but functional products that are in harmony with daily life and with which the user can intuitively interact. The brand integrates aesthetic values into the product with the simplest form of experience and function as a natural result.Slide-Down


The range hoods of the future designed by designer Beyza Doğan, who has won awards in the international arena, became the focus of attention of the fair. Slide Down, which has been registered by all prestigious award-giving bodies such as Red Dot, IF Design Award, and Plus X, was exhibited at the Living Kitchen Fair with the German Design Award 2017 Excellent Product Design that it recently won.

Silverline Product and Interaction Design Lead Beyza Doğan, who specializes in designing future kitchen experience, believes in intuitive interaction with objects and functions deeply. Slide Down, which she designed for Silverline with this philosophy, aims at high performance with its innovative integrated air guidance system. Slide down has concave sliding glass panel which presents a minimal, clean, and stylish appearance by hiding mechanical details. when the range hood is turned on, the concave sliding panel slides down to become backsplash preventing oil drops from spattering to the wall and guiding the cooking fume from the hob to the filter.

The lead actor of the stand and the “Best Product of 2016/2017”: The Flow-in…
The “Flow-in,” which fully represents the design philosophy of the brand and which has won a number of awards in the international arena without being introduced to many users, met with visitors at the Silverline stand. The Flow-in, which is designed by Silverline Product and Interaction Design Lead Beyza Doğan, is a live example of the effortless and intuitive integration of functions into form.The Flow-in

The Flow-in

The Flow-in provides maximum performance with seamless integration of cooker and hood that come together in a single body. The Flow-in with its innovative design approach can be seen as the leading actor of a new trend in kitchens…

The Flow-in, which has the world’s latest built-in technology, was deemed worthy of 4 different awards in the fields of ease of use, functionality, high quality, and design by the Plus X Awards and crowned its success with the “Best Product of 2016/2017” award.

Slide-DownSlide-DownSlide-DownSlide-DownSlide-DownSlide-DownThe Flow-inThe Flow-inThe Flow-inThe Flow-in
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